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City of Albion Mayors

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Presidents were elected to manage the affairs of the Village of Albion from 1855, until 1885, prior to Albion being named a City and adopting the mayor form of government.

Presidents of the Village of Albion

George Hannahs (1855-1856)
William H. Brockaway (1857-1858)
Martin B. Wood (1859)
John E. Wilde (1860) - elected to fill the vacancy of Wood.
Ira Mayhew (1861-1862)
Carmi C. Olds (1863)
William H. Brockway (1864) - elected to fill the vacancy of Olds.
Israel Coggshall (1865)
Wellington Bidwell (1866) - elected to fill the vacancy of Coggshall.
George N. Cady (1867)
James W. Sheldon (1868-1870) - elected to fill the vacancy of Cady, served two more terms.
Evalin P. Lewis (1871)
Frederick W. Sheldon (1872-1873)
William H. Brockway (1874)
John Fanning (1875-1876)
Augustus J. Gale (1877)
Joseph W. Clark (1878)
Frederick F. Hoaglin (1879-1880)
Charles F. Austin (1881-1882)
Eugene P. Robertson (1883-1884)
Charles F. Austin (1885)

Mayors of the City of Albion

City Reorganized in 1917

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