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Albion CollegeAdobe House1840s1986Albion College
Albion CollegeAir Conditioner Building  Albion College
Albion CollegeAlumni Field19141989NCAlbion College
Albion CollegeDean Aquatic Center  Albion College
Albion CollegeBaldwin Hall19511998RAlbion College
Albion CollegeBay View Summer School19181969AAlbion College
Albion CollegeBell House18411974Albion College
Albion CollegeBlack Student Alliance  Albion College
Albion CollegeBliss War Memorial Library  Albion College
Albion CollegeBobbitt Visual Arts Center1966 Albion College
Albion CollegeBonta Admissions Building1996 Albion College
Albion CollegeOffice of Career Development  Albion College
Albion CollegeCarriage House1930 (ca) Albion College
Albion CollegeCarter Building  Albion College
Albion CollegeCentral Building18411923Albion College
Albion CollegeCoffee House  Albion College
Albion CollegeCommunications Building  Albion College
Albion CollegeComputing Center  Albion College
Erie E 400Dean Hall1936 Albion College
Albion CollegeDickie Hall1960s1998NCAlbion College
Albion CollegeDow Center1980 Albion College
Albion CollegeEat Shop  Albion College
Albion CollegeEpworth Laboratory1916 Albion College
Albion CollegeFerguson Administration Building2002 Albion College
Albion CollegeFiske House  Albion College
Albion CollegeGassette Memorial Library19021998Albion College
Albion CollegeGoodrich Chapel19581997rAlbion College
Albion CollegeGoodrich Club  Albion College
Albion CollegeOld Gymansium18921988Albion College
Albion CollegeHealth Center  Albion College
Albion CollegeRay Herrick Center for Speech and Theatre1975 Albion College
Albion CollegeInternational House1971 Albion College
Albion CollegeJoranko Field2000 Albion College
Albion CollegeKarro Village2001 Albion College
Albion CollegeKeller  Albion College
Albion CollegeKellogg Center1997 Albion College
Albion CollegeStanley S. Kresge Gymnasium19251938rAlbion College
Albion CollegeLutz Courtyard1935 Albion College
Albion CollegeMcMillan Chemical Laboratory1893 Albion College
Albion CollegeWhitehouse Nature Center  Albion College
Albion CollegeNorris Center1971 Albion College
Albion CollegeNorth Hall1854 Albion College
Albion CollegeObservatory1888 Albion College
Albion CollegeOlin Hall1983 Albion College
Albion CollegePalenske Hall1970 Albion College
Albion CollegePhysical Plant  Albion College
Albion CollegePrint Shop  Albion College
Albion CollegePutnam Hall1970 Albion College
Albion CollegeQuadrangle  Albion College
Albion CollegeRobinson Hall1907 Albion College
Albion CollegeRock-15000 Albion College
Albion CollegeCampus Safety1997 Albion College
Albion CollegeSeaton Hall1949 Albion College
Albion CollegeSeeley-Mudd Learning Center1980 Albion College
Albion CollegeCollege Signs  Albion College
Albion CollegeSouth Hall1870 Albion College
Albion CollegeStockwell Memorial Library1938 Albion College
Albion CollegeStone Pile1870 Albion College
Albion CollegeStudent Center  Albion College
Albion CollegeTennis Center2000 Albion College
Albion CollegeTwin Towers1966 Albion College
Albion CollegeVulgamore Hall1852 Albion College
Albion CollegeSusanna Wesley Hall1926 Albion College
Albion CollegeWhitehouse Hall1964 Albion College
Albion S 102 1910 (ca) Urban Renewal
Albion S 506 1940 (ca)1959 March 26Urban Renewal
Albion S 508 1950 (ca)1955 June 1Urban Renewal
Albion 902    
Ann S 210 1860 (ca)1955 July 15Urban Renewal
Ash W 112 19201963 June 7Urban Renewal
Ash W 311 1890 (ca)1959 June 3Urban Renewal
Austin 216 1910 (ca)1963 MarchUrban Renewal
Austin 217Sud Z Coin Laundry   
Austin 220Wes's Austomotive   
Austin 300Alice's Diner   
Austin 313Zick's Body Shop   
Austin 316 1890 (ca)1962 April 20Urban Renewal
Austin 317Carquest   
Austin 510    
Austin 525Bilickie Oldsmobile   
Austin 601Austin Avenue 601   
Austin 603Austin Avenue 603   
Austin 605Austin Avenue 605   
Austin 607Austin Avenue 607   
Austin 610Austin Avenue 610   
Austin 611Austin Avenue 611   
Austin 619Austin Avenue 619   
AustinThe Corner, Austin Avenue and Albion Street   
AustinAlbion Industrial Park1963  
AustinC.J.'s Road House 2000 
AustinUnknown Station   
B Drive 200Big Boy Restaurant   
B Drive 300Wyndham Woods Center   
B Drive 400Best Western Hotel   
Bemer 333Bob Frahm Used Cars and Trucks   
Berrien 206    
ParksBournelis Park19732001 
Broadwell W 311 1890 (ca)1961 August 12Urban Renewal
Albion CollegeBurns Street Dorms   
Burr Oak 611 19251963 June 24Urban Renewal
Carson 1110 1900 (ca)1961 August 17Urban Renewal
Cass E 107Waterworks Building1885  
Cass E 109    
Cass E 123-125Albion Lumber Company Showroom1932 (ca)1960 (ca) 
Cass E 129-135Albion Lumber Company Showroom1900 (ca)1960 (ca) 
Cass E 400    
Cass EEast Cass Street Bridge1885 Transportation
Cass W 100    
Cass W 101  1990 
Cass W 107Second Fire Station18861958 
Cass W 109 1900 (ca)  
Cass W 111 1955 (ca)  
Cass W 112Albion City Hall1933  
Cass W 115    
Cass W 200Chemical Bank South   
Cass W 205Martinizing, One Hour Dry Cleaning   
Cass W 400 1890 (ca)1960 June 27Urban Renewal
Cass W 404 1900 (ca)1960Urban Renewal
Cass W 506    
Cass W 513 1915 (ca)1960Urban Renewal
Cass W 518 1875 (ca)1960 July 9Urban Renewal
Cass W 709  1952Urban Renewal
Cass W 717 1923 (ca)1950Urban Renewal
Cass 719    
C Drive 27644Days Inn   
Center E 206 19201963 JulyUrban Renewal
Center W 111Albion Recorder Building1925  
Center W 117-121Warehouse   
Center W 200Masonic Temple1900 (ca)  
Center W 206    
Center W 401 1880 (ca)1952Urban Renewal
Center W 602 1900 (ca)1954Urban Renewal
Cherry 606 1945 (ca)1961 September 24Urban Renewal
Chestnut E 111 19351963 May 18Urban Renewal
Chestnut 404    
Clark 1023Albion Armory1958  
Clark 116Short Stoppe   
Clark 120Youngs Pharmacy   
Clark 600Albion Motors   
ClarkFive Points Coin Laundry   
Clinton N 915 1915 (ca)1963 June 18Urban Renewal
Clinton N 200-210Wiener Block1910  
Clinton N 201Stitch N' Stuff   
Clinton N 301Transportation Building1920  
Clinton S 107 1950 (ca)  
Clinton S 212Michigan Bell/Ameritech Building1948  
Clinton S 300Ismon House1898  
Clinton S 305 1918 (ca)2002 
Clinton S 412    
Clinton S 100Garage   
Crandall 314    
Culver 108 1900 (ca)1953Urban Renewal
Culver 214 1950 (ca)1957Urban Renewal
Culver 806 1950 (ca)1953Urban Renewal
Dalrymple 107    
Dalrymple S 214 1905 (ca)1961 March 16Urban Renewal
Dalrymple S 416 1940 (ca)1960 September 23Urban Renewal
Dalrymple S 510 1945 (ca)1960 May 13Urban Renewal
Dalrymple S 610 19421963 JulyUrban Renewal
Eaton N 300Michigan Central Railroad Passenger Depot1882  
Eaton N 407    
Eaton N 507 1920 (ca)1960 June 27Urban Renewal
Eaton N 718    
Eaton N 806 1900 (ca)1960 April 26Urban Renewal
Eaton N 816Waito Plumbing and Heating   
Eaton N 912Riley Real Estate Agency   
Eaton N 927Image Makers Beauty Parlor   
Eaton N 1002Neil Starkey, DDS   
Eaton N 1101Siefert Reality   
Eaton N 1216  1999 
Eaton N 1217Farm Bureau Insurance   
Eaton N 1218    
Eaton N 1301Chemical Bank   
Eaton N 1302Internal Medicine, Family Practice   
Eaton N 1306Jeevak Lal, M.D. Eye Specialist   
Eaton N 1317Kentucky Fried Chicken   
Eaton N 1402Felpausch Pharmacy   
Eaton N 1406Felpausch Grocery Store   
Eaton N 1407Albion Tire City   
Eaton N 1410Fresh and Fast (formerly A&W)   
Eaton N 1435Pizza Hut   
Eaton N 1450K-Mart   
Eaton N 1455Frosty Dan's   
Eaton N 1501Speedway Gas Station   
Eaton N 1507McDonald's   
Eaton N 1508Burger King   
Eaton N 1510Paradise Inn Restaurant   
Eaton N 1521Ponderosa Steakhouse   
Eaton NAmoco Gas Station   
Eaton NPiggy Sue's   
Eaton NShell Gas Station   
Eaton NStadium Plaza   
Eaton S 612    
Eaton SSemco Energy   
Elm W 301 1875 (ca)1960 July 28Urban Renewal
Erie E 102-104 1900 (ca)  
Erie E 106-108Hayes Block1875 (ca)  
Erie E 110-112 1865 (ca)  
Erie E 115 1895 (ca)  
Erie E 116Methodist Episcopal Church   
Erie E 121Abandoned Power Station1910 (ca)  
Erie E 312    
Erie EErie Street Dump   
Erie E 105WCTU Hall   
Rieger ParkSesquicentennial Marker   
Erie W 108 1895 (ca)  
Erie W 109 1938 (ca)  
Erie W 110-112 1920 (ca)  
Erie W 114 1955 (ca)  
Erie W 119 1885  
Erie W 202 1942  
Erie W 304    
Erie W 308First House1835  
Erie W 309  1963 August 3Urban Renewal
Erie W 311  1963 AugustUrban Renewal
Erie W 312  1963 May 28Urban Renewal
Erie W 313  1963 AugustUrban Renewal
Erie W 712 1890 (ca)1961 JuneUrban Renewal
Erie W 809Albion Community Ambulance   
First 1204    
Gale N 104 1900 (ca)1960 June 29Urban Renewal
Gale N 106    
Gale S 107 1900 (ca)1956Urban Renewal
Gale S 208    
Gale S 223    
Gasden Court 106 1913 (ca)1957 March 1Urban Renewal
Hall 814 1890 (ca)1962 March 5Urban Renewal
Hall 914 1920 (ca)1958 October 7Urban Renewal
Haven 327 19301963 June 29Urban Renewal
HavenBellemont Manor   
Highland 1233    
Highland 1240    
Ionia N 505    
Ionia N 708 1890 (ca)1960 April 15Urban Renewal
J DriveAbandoned Oil Wells   
Jefferson 1013    
Market Place 201 1915  
Market PlaceKnickerbocker Grain Elevator18802002 
City of AlbionStoffer Plaza 1980 (ca)  
Mechanic 402 1890 (ca)1959 September 30Urban Renewal
Mechanic 518 1940 (ca)1957Urban Renewal
Michigan E 113Little Red Lunch Box Café   
Michigan E 117Albion Auto Mart   
Michigan E 118New China Restaurant   
Michigan E 200Spears Cleaner World   
Michigan E 205Albion Muffler and Brake   
Michigan E 214Albion Medical Associates   
Michigan E 217Little Ceasars   
Michigan E 313Plassman and Co.   
Michigan E 315Anna's House of Flowers   
Michigan E 319State Farm Insurance   
Michigan E 404Albion Chiropractic Clinic   
Michigan E 501    
Michigan E 700    
Michigan E 811    
Michigan E 903 1900  
Michigan E 1707    
Michigan EClark Gas Station   
Michigan ECrowell House 1926Michigan
Michigan EFoodmart   
Michigan EParker Inn   
Michigan EShell Gas Station   
Michigan W 607 1885 (ca)1962 October 31Urban Renewal
Mingo N 313 1875 (ca)1961 June 21Urban Renewal
Monroe S 101Citizens Lumber   
Monroe S 109    
Monroe N 109 19301963 August 15Urban Renewal
Mulberry W 206 1880 (ca)  
Mulberry W 219 1890 (ca)1961 May 7Urban Renewal
Mulberry W 220    
Mulberry W 508    
North E 1203Public Works Building   
North W 212 1900 (ca)1961 December 21Urban Renewal
Pearl N 106    
Pearl N 208 1890 (ca)1954Urban Renewal
Pearl S 107 1890 (ca)1954Urban Renewal
Porter E 600 1900 (ca)1962 May 4Urban Renewal
Porter W 105 1870 (ca)  
Porter W 108 1870 (ca)  
Porter W 110 1870 (ca)  
Porter W 111    
Porter W 113 1866 (ca)  
Porter W 118DeWeese Garage1922 (ca)  
Porter W 125-127 1858 (ca)2002 
PorterPorter Street Footbridge  Transportation
Public SchoolsAustin School19111968Public Schools
Public SchoolsNorth School1950 Public Schools
Public SchoolsCentral School18721906Public Schools
Public SchoolsCrowell School1955 Public Schools
Public SchoolsDalrymple Elementary School1917 Public Schools
Public SchoolsEast Division School18421869Public Schools
Public SchoolsEast Ward School18691927Public Schools
Public SchoolsVictory Park Fieldhouse1926 Public Schools
MichiganWashington Gardner School19271970 (ca) 
Clark N 101Harrington School1957  
Public SchoolsHigher Grades Building1842 Public Schools
Public SchoolsHigh School19061921Public Schools
Public SchoolsLittle Red Schoolhouse18371912Public Schools
Public SchoolsNorth Division School18491929Public Schools
Public SchoolsNorth Ward School18691911Public Schools
Public SchoolsAlbion Senior High School1967 Public Schools
Public SchoolsSouth Ward School18691922Public Schools
Public SchoolsWest Ward School18731958Public Schools
HavenAlbion Fairgrounds   
ParksCrowell Park   
MichiganFive Points Park   
HollandHolland Park   
TransportationInterurban  Transportation
ParksKalamazoo River   
CassLloyd Park1981  
City of AlbionMill Race   
TransportationLake Shore Railroad1870 (ca)1976Transportation
TransportationMichigan Central Railroad1845 Transportation
ParksRieger Park   
Superior SRiverside Cemetery1837  
ParksVictory Park Skating Shelter   
Tomac WoodsTomac Woods Golf Course   
ParksVictory Park1919  
ParksVictory Park Bandshell1941  
ParksVictory Park Spring   
City of AlbionWater Tower1961  
Starr CommonwealthBeckmann Hall  Starr Commonwealth
Starr CommonwealthBrueckner Museum1953 Starr Commonwealth
Starr CommonwealthCandler Hall1957 Starr Commonwealth
Starr CommonwealthEmily Jewel Clark School Building19171936Starr Commonwealth
Starr CommonwealthEmily Jewel Clark School Building1936 Starr Commonwealth
Starr CommonwealthGladsome Cottage1911 Starr Commonwealth
Starr CommonwealthHerrick Cottage1961 Starr Commonwealth
Starr CommonwealthHillside  Starr Commonwealth
Starr CommonwealthHough Field1962 Starr Commonwealth
Starr CommonwealthFloyd Kent Visitors Center1966 Starr Commonwealth
Starr CommonwealthKlare School Building, Industrial Arts1967 Starr Commonwealth
Starr CommonwealthKnights Center1960 Starr Commonwealth
Starr CommonwealthKresge Cottage1958 Starr Commonwealth
Starr CommonwealthCampus Landscaping  Starr Commonwealth
Starr CommonwealthMary Katherine Building1963 Starr Commonwealth
Starr CommonwealthNewton Hall19151985Starr Commonwealth
Starr CommonwealthNorth Campus1958 Starr Commonwealth
Starr CommonwealthNorton Cottage1957 Starr Commonwealth
Starr CommonwealthReynolds Hall  Starr Commonwealth
Starr CommonwealthSchoolhouse  Starr Commonwealth
Starr CommonwealthSchumacher Farm  Starr Commonwealth
Starr CommonwealthWebster Hall1934 Starr Commonwealth
Starr CommonwealthWilcox Cottage1918 Starr Commonwealth
Superior N 101-109Parker-Kessler Block1900  
Superior N 111 1908 (ca)  
Superior N 112-116 1896 (ca)  
Superior N 113-115 1904 (ca)  
Superior N 117 1880 (ca)  
Superior N 118 1896 (ca)  
Superior N 119-127 1878 (ca)  
Superior N 129-201I.O.O.F. Hall1910  
Superior N 202MacQueen and Sons Garden Supply   
Superior N 203-207 1910 (ca)  
Superior N 307Post Office1917  
Superior N 309Chemical Bank Accounting Center1956  
Superior N 407    
Superior N 412Irene's Unisex Salon   
Superior N 403Christ Apostolic Church   
Superior N 802 1870 (ca)1960 December 31Urban Renewal
Superior NNorth Superior Street Bridge1900  
Superior NCitgo Gas Station   
Superior NComfort Station  Transportation
Superior NKentucky Fried Chicken   
Superior NAmerican Molder Statue1975  
Superior S 100Perkins Block1900  
Superior S 101 1868 (ca)  
Superior S 104Loomis Block1899  
Superior S 106Loomis Block1899  
Superior S 110 1890 (ca)  
Superior S 112 1857 (ca)  
Superior S 114 1870 (ca)  
Superior S 115 1865 (ca)  
Superior S 116 1870 (ca)  
Superior S 117-119 1867  
Superior S 200-202 1869 (ca)  
Superior S 201 1929  
Superior S 203 1917 (ca)  
Superior S 204-206Howard Hall1857 (ca)  
Superior S 207 1916 (ca)  
Superior S 208Maher Building1868 (ca)  
Superior S 210 1887 (ca)  
Superior S 212 1870 (ca)  
Superior S 213 1870 (ca)  
Superior S 214-216 1868 (ca)  
Superior S 215 1868 (ca)  
Superior S 217-221 1868 (ca)  
Superior S 223-225Albion Opera House1869  
Superior S 300-302Banking Block1868 (ca)  
Superior S 301J.C. Penny's Building1940 (ca)  
Superior S 303-307Crowell Block1858 (ca)  
Superior S 304Banking Block1856  
Superior S 306Banking Block1858 (ca)  
Superior S 308 1910 (ca)  
Superior S 309-311 1868 (ca)  
Superior S 310-312Clift's Block1862 (ca)  
Superior S 313-315Brockway Block1870 (ca)  
Superior S 314-318Sheldon Block1872  
Superior S 400-402Peabody Block1852  
Superior S 401-403Putnam Block1890  
Superior S 404-414 1868 (ca)  
Superior S 415Homestead Bank1981  
Superior S 416-420Thompson Building1878 (ca)  
Superior S 500    
Superior S 501Public Library1919  
Superior S 504Century 21   
Superior S 509Augustus Porter Gardner House and Museum1875  
Superior S 601Faith Community Baptist Church1919  
Superior S 609Financial Advisors/AAA of Michigan   
Superior S 800Smith-Pulling Agency, Inc.   
Superior S 1007Moore/Baldwin Attorney's   
Superior S 1010    
Superior SSheldon Memorial Hospital19241967 
Superior SAlbion Parkside Apartments   
Sycamore 604 1943 (ca)1958Urban Renewal
Sycamore 609 1940 (ca)1952Urban Renewal
Vine 118Art Craft Press   
Walnut W 206 1900 (ca)1963 JanuaryUrban Renewal
Walnut W 208 1915 (ca)1961 May 13Urban Renewal
Washington 502 1900 (ca)1960 January 26Urban Renewal
Washington 513 1880 (ca)1961 June 28Urban Renewal
State Register    
(State Register)Albion College Informational Designation  Cultural Treasure
(State Register)Birthplace of "Old Rugged Cross"  Cultural Treasure
(State Register)Birthplace of Famed Song  Cultural Treasure
(State Register)First Home in Albion Informational Site  Cultural Treasure
(State Register)Mother's Day in Albion Informational Designation  Cultural Treasure
(State Register)Starr Commonwealth for Boys  Cultural Treasure
(State Register)Superior Street Commercial Historic District  Cultural Treasure

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